Our Brands

  • 'Tender Choice' Toilet Paper

  • 'Sunbrite' Laundry Powder

  • 'Rokee' Instant Cup Noodles

  • 'Franco' Pocket Tissues

  • 'First Choice' Tofu


Agency Brands

  • LoSam 
    Specialising in soft or firm pasteurised tofu, grass jelly and frozen puff tofu in vacuumed packed trays and tubes.


  • Hiang Kee 
    Hiang Kee (He-yang Kee - Hokkien pronunciation, Heong Kay - Cantonese Pronunciation) is made only from ingredients of plant origin.  Hiang Kee products do not contain any chemical preservatives or artificial colouring and are hygienically manufactured and packed in vacuum-sealed packages.  Hiang Kee vegetarian food come in a variety of well-loved traditional flavours that even non-vegetarians will find delicious.


  • Green Farm
    Green Farm is of the pioneer companies in the production of Vegetarian (meat- free) food, producing healthy and hygienic vegetarian foods to meet the demanding palates and needs of all vegetarians and others.

  • Lazat  
    Manufacturing their range of roti parathas, ice blocks, steamed buns and other Asian-styled tapas.


  • Everbest 
    Everbest uses only nature's premium (Identify Preserved Non-GMO) soybeans to produce soya bean curd and soy-based products for people of all ages, races and cultures who want to simply seek for exciting food with full of nutritional value and wholesome goodness.


  • Sing Long 
    Sing Long manufactures foodstuffs including instant local desserts, chilli sauces, pastes, and meal ingredients.


Other brands we carry but are not limited to:

  • Nestle & Nescafe

  • B&W Coffee and Root Beer

  • Nest Kingdom Bird's Nest Concentrate

  • Maggi Noodles & Sauces

  • Golden Champ

  • Mikado

  • Happy Grass

  • Claypot

  • Uncle Sun

  • Roka Cup Noodles

  • Baba's

  • A1

  • Cheong Kim Chuan

  • Chen Seng Peanuts

  • Old Village

  • Old Town Coffee Range

  • Chek Hup Coffee Range

  • Twenty Twenty Penang Laksa Noodles

  • GlucosCare Tea

  • Lot 100

  • Ice Cool

  • F&N Assorted RTD's

  • Ban Hock Confectionery

  • Myojo Noodles

  • London & Apollo Cakes

  • Miaow Miaow and Bika Crackers

  • Spring Home Pastries

  • Ocean Ria Fish Products

  • Teoh Kim Chye Vegetarian Soy Protei

  • Stayfree & Carefree

  • Bic Razors & Blades

  • Dettol

  • Comfort

  • Softlan

  • 'Super' Cloths and Scourers


And many more...